Animation Reel (2017)

Some of my recent work. Enjoy!

Bug's Got Talent (2018)

My SVA thesis film. A shy bug wants to shine brightly at her school's talent show - but is she brave enough to do it?

Two Doors (2017)

This is a solo short film that I created in my Junior Year at SVA. The protagonist must choose her path and rely entirely on her senses to figure out what lies behind each door. 

Monster Teen Rotation (2019)

An originally ghoulish character spins endlessly on your screen.

(A digital study in non-symmetrical character rotations!)

Summer Walk Cycle (2017)

A fun exercise in character design and weight.

Elvira Rotation (2015-2016)

Part of the pre-production for my Sophomore short film, "Playing With Fire." Elvira is a little witch learning to use her powers - but she can only seem to spontaneously catch things on fire.